Fully Electric Stacker Singapore

At Passion Lift Trucks Services, we have a comprehensive

line-up of fully electric stackers for rent and purchase for your busy warehouse. With heavy duty design featuring high tensile mast structure that are reinforced with frame chassis, our fully electric stackers are of great value as well as make movement within your warehouse more efficient.

The range of fully electric stackers we carry are suitable for different needs and requirements. For instance, we have a range of electric stackers that are suitable for light and medium duty load, and they are featured with optional foldable platforms that aid flexibility and maneuverability in the warehouse. In addition, we carry electric stackers that allow operators to reach into closed pallets given their centre of gravity is distributed towards the operator’s side. Hence, they do not require stabilizer legs underneath the forks. We also offer high lift electric stackers that enable the operators to stack pallets as high as 5.8 metres. These high lift electric stackers has stabilizer legs that help prevent your truck from falling sideways when the mast extends to high lifting heights.

For more information, please contact us at +65 6243 1239, or email us at enquiry@passionlts.com.sg.

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