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Passion Lift Trucks Services of all time is the Toyota Reach Truck. In fact, we are one of the very few to offer the Toyota Reach Truck in Singapore. Toyota Reach Truck is very popular for many reasons. Just to name a few, the equipment is very solid, durable and built to last without sacrificing operator comfort and productivity. The truck function at peak performance and productivity levels attributable to the combination of AC power, integrated control systems, and a programmable, multi-functional digital display that leaves nothing to guesswork. In addition, the Toyota Reach Truck is equipped with precision handling, tight-space maneuverability and a panoramic wrap-around console.

Toyota reach truckFurthermore, being an expert in this industry, Passion Lift Trucks Services understand that comfort is very important for the operator. As such, we highly recommend the Toyota Reach Truck for its ergonomics, where increased productivity and lower operator fatigue are being featured in their low-step height to floor, cushioned leaning points, extended backrest, and flexible side-stance positioning. In fact, the Reach Truck is one stand up truck that provided operators with an unbeatable combination of superior comfort and optimal control.

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