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Passionlts offers semi electric stackers for your warehouse operations. If you are looking for stackers, we have a wide range of stackers for you to choose from. Our semi electric stackers combine the machine manual traction with electric elevation which is made perfect for moving medium light loads, especially in a space constraint area.

Features of out electric stackers include:


Electric lifting for elevated heights: With electric motors push buttons, our semi electric stackers are made to reach considerable heights without the operator’s efforts. It is simple to use and produce ideal performance


Adaptability to load: Operator has the flexibility to manually adjust forks on fork holder plate easily. Our semi electric stackers can move loads of different dimensions, and adapt to the operator’s requirements


Easy maintenance: Our semi electric stackers has a long average life as compared to other brands. Maintenance operations are facilitated by the simple opening system of the bodywork, allowing the machine body without obstacles.


Safety: The safety of the operators is of utmost importance to us. Hence, the semi electric stackers we carry are well known for their highly resistant frames that will ensure maximum safety even with full load.

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